Welcome to the Relationship Corner with Charlie and Rissy as your relationship and romance coaches!!


Charlie and Rissy’s mission is to ensure every couple is filling up their romantic love tank every day of the year. No more settling! No more lack of communication! No more roommates in a marriage. Also, they want to assist singles in becoming the best version of themselves so they can be fully prepared when they meet their future husband or wife. Charlie and Rissy have been developing this relationship and romance platform for many years by always trying new ways to surprise each other on special holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. However, they wanted to challenge each other to go beyond the standard methods of showing love and passion.Over the past eleven years, Charlie aka Charles Ervin Jr. and Rissy aka Aleris Ervin have been falling in love over and over again. From the first time they “officially” met, Charlie and Rissy have been finding new ways to spice up their marriage. Their marriage 10 years ago, in 2004, was simple, straight from the heart and very genuine. After 2 months of Charlie proposing to Rissy, Charlie and Rissy said “I DO” in a small room at the Tallahassee, FL courtroom at 12:30pm on a Wednesday. This small room was filled with some of their closest family members and friends. Their surprise wedding reception was intimate, full of laughter and brought together two different worlds at one time!For anyone that has encountered Charlie and Rissy together, they know the passion and the love they have for each other is nothing short of a blessing. Charlie and Rissy have always wanted to find new and exciting ways to surprise each other but couldn’t find a clean, professional and inspiring romantic resource that supports their married lifestyle. The perception of sex, love and romance seems too untouchable and sometimes degrading.www.couplevisiontv.com

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