Our hairstylists will provide our brides a beautiful, elegant hairstyle to enhance your beauty!

Your appearance is a multifaceted creation that encompasses your health, makeup, dress, accessories, and confidence. Your hair is another ingredient to this master piece. Along with your makeup, your hair is something that you do not want your hairdresser to attempt for the first time on the day of your wedding! Your hair should reflect and coincide with your vision of yourself on this special day.

Whether you have locks, dreads, natural hair, permed hair, braids, or any other forms, you want a style that will work with your hair length and texture. There are many brides who also have very short hair or no hair, and we have stunning ideas for styling you as well! Our hairstylists will provide our brides with beautiful, elegant hairstyles to enhance your beauty, take a look at our inspiration board to get your brainstorm on!


Enhancing your natural beauty on your special day, whether it is for engagement photos or for your wedding day!

There are a few things your guests will be admiring on your wedding day: your ring and you! Makeup is an essential part of your physical appearance that will complete your look, whatever look you are going for. Our makeup artists will provide you with tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts so your features can be enhanced, your face can glow with radiance, and most importantly you feel comfortable with your facial appearance.

Our goal is to provide you with ample amounts of makeup ideas, colour palettes, and shades that work for black and brown women. You can rock that red lipstick! Let us help you find the perfect shade.