Our photographer is a professional in his/her field! They will be able to capture your special day of beautiful pictures and videos for you to have as a memory that you can replay at any time.

From the moment the bride and groom prepare for their wedding day to the wedding couples last dance, our photographers will be there to document every special moment. We want your special day to be captured in real-time and this can be accomplished with our videography services!

Photography has revolutionized the way weddings are captured and the new associated trends allow for guests to be interactive with the whole process. Photography is entertainment at weddings. From the photo booths, to live photo prints, to the photo frames, even to the unique Polaroid ‘shake it out’ prints – photography is now an experience not only for the bridal party, but also for the guests. Here is a photography tip: When hiring your photographer, ask them to capture all of the dance photos within the first two hours of dancing. Because as the night progresses people often do not look the same as they did when they arrived and this will avoid having to eliminate photos.

Photo picture

TIP: If you decide to have photography as entertainment during your wedding, make it accessible during cocktail hour, as this is the time when most guests are bored or get restless


Videography is a phenomenal strand of entertainment that we recommend incorporating into your wedding. Unlike photography, a videographer can capture the moment in real time. Today, videographers are able to make surreal videos that are compilations of real time footage from your wedding.

They are able to do voice overs, music editing, smooth transitions and more. The final product is an accessible way to share your special day with your friends and family on the internet. Take a look at the video below!

Check out a bride and groom’s wedding captured!