Honeymoons & Destination Weddings!

Sunsets, white beaches, cool breeze! Visit our travel agents to book your honeymoon or destination wedding!

Do you have the travel bug? Well what better time to travel with your wedding approaching! Your bachelorette, bachelor, wedding, or honeymoon can all be abroad! The location you choose should be affordable and accessible to your guests and should be a place that will relax you and your partner. Destination weddings are perceived as a two in one deal, you are participating in a relaxation retreat and celebrating a union. Let us just think about it…sunsets, white beaches, and cool breezes! Paradise can be a few clicks away. Visit our travel agents to book your honeymoon or destination wedding!


You have a beautiful gown, a well groomed wedding party, a mesmerizing bouquet, and you cannot forget to arrive and exit your wedding in style. Your transportation truly gives your wedding party and yourself the holistic wedding experience.

Whether you decide to be transported in a stretch SUV limo, a Vintage vehicle, a flashy sports car, or a horse and carriage, you and your partner want to ensure that you physically see and inspect the transportation vehicle prior to booking! BlackBridesCanada is all about creativity and personalizing every aspect of your wedding! Think outside the box for your transportation options, what about entering the ceremony in a canoe or exiting in a Vespa. The options are endless and we are here to provide you with the ideas, tips, and services to make your transportation needs possible.


Great ideas for unique fleets on your wedding! Check out our Pinterest Board!