Looking for that perfect suit for your wedding day! Let our specialized stylists guide you to ensure you look handsome for your bride!

Our grooms stylist will ensure that your wedding attire caters to your shape and size. As a groom you have the option of a custom made suit to coordinate with the colours, style and theme of the wedding and to look stunning throughout the day! Many grooms have preconceived notions that all of the attention will solely be on the bride. Remember, you two are both the pinnacle of attention and should both complement each other.

Take the time to think about how you want to look and feel on this big day!

Check out the blog post by Mr. Baldwin style for great tips on grooms styling for weddings!


Eaden Myles is one of Toronto’s most popular and sophisticated collection for men’s suits!


Every bride wants something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

How about something entirely you?

The small touches in a wedding are the special ingredients to achieving a customized personal wedding…and accessories are the key ingredients to do so. Many brides feel inclined to wear the traditional silver/white heel as footwear. What about being creative? How about cowboy boots, Jordans, new kicks, ballet slippers, or flats signed by your bridal party?

Even if you want to wear a pump heel why not wear a color that matches with your theme colors or bedazzle the bottom of the heel with gems. As you can see the options are limitless for footwear, and this unique incorporation can extend to the groom and the bridal party as well! Not only will your wedding be different, these touches make for exquisite photographs!!

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